How do I get "Points"?


60 more to go, then


Erik was the first to 1000.. so I guess he can give himself a free chess set.. :)
Well... Can we rule out webmasters / co-workers, collaborators? heh..hehe

Oh man, only 888 left after this post.  I think this should count, as 888 left until a tshirt is a pretty cool number.  Not to mention the fact I will actually say something worthwhile.

 A shirt I would definitely get would be
(front) I challenge you to...
(back) a game on!
(front) Shhh!  I'm studying 1.a4 theory!
(back) Yes, I'm joking.

What a good way to get points! Tongue out

Does winning a correspondence-type game on also get a player points? (Or drawing/losing?)


And how about sending very polite messages to the staff? Wink

playing games don't currently give you points, but they should! good point! sending polite messages will make your mother proud, but won't get you points.

And can members steal points from eachother or trade points for other stuff? Wink erik, if you give me 200 of your points, I'll let you play me one correspondence game! Isn't that a great deal?!


If the site grows bigger it might be an idea to actually award people with alot of points prizes, for example make a store where people can but stuff with points. Of course that would only be doable if the site were paid, but then it would also be a nice idea Smile

all things are possible with enough money :)
wow... leave it to a forum post about incentives to get 20 (now 21) posts quick fast and in a hurry! im so guilty...

  Ok, how about if I get 2000! Do I get a book, chess board or something cooler.What did Billwall get?


How about something for 100 points? (Coincidentally I'm at 100 after this post!) If 1000 points is a complete chess set, then 100 points should be three pieces Wink

hahahaa. sure phobetor, but you have 3 pieces. but you'll have to fly to the USA to get them :)
I got a lot of good feedback and a few published games and articles.

I thought i would join in the spamming as i'm in need of a t-shirt and 999 points.

so here go's : WOW a t-shirt is this for real  i'm going to have to start writting some interesting articles about ........???? ....with chess.

yes. for reals. bill, message me your address and your shirt size and which one you want!

There is always the option to go to the "Member Store" and buy your own shirt. There are many high quality shirts there at reasonable prices.

Do we pay in points, like on some poker sites the more points you collect by playing(with real money) the more you can buy. 


I only mentioned the above and this to get me closer to the 100 point mark.

and the way i type with one finger it will take me untill next july to get their. 


lol ya


Stop calculating materialistic would-be achievments. Just play. Are you here for something else than chess?
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