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How do I set automatic accept?

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    I would like to automatically accept any challenges as long as there is at least a 9 sec time increment per move and at least 2 minutes of base at the start and at max 8 minutes of base time and 30 seconds per move.  


    Is this possible? 


    yes i hate games with sudden death where players aimlessly move the pieces to hope to other player loses on time.  

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    SupremeOverlord wrote:

    who cares? Stop being so lazy

    Anyone who wants chess.com to be a good place to find chess opponents should care.  If other sites allow you to set parameters that will yield new games in seconds where chess.com doesn't then they will go elsewhere.  The problem will just get worse as more people go to the sites that quickly offer the games people want to play.  


    I'm not sure what lazieness has to do with anything.  Its more a matter of valuing time.  


    But really I am not sure if chess.com offers these options and I simply don't see how to access them.   

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    SupremeOverlord wrote:

    This is a non-issue. You should be able to press the little accept button.

    How do you know which games you want to accept when your on a tablet?

    Also people who might want to play games within my range are stuck guessing at what time controls I might agree to, because they can't give ranges only exact offers.

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    We don't have the option to auto accept challenges. However you can use the "new game" tab to send out seeks with the parameters that you choose. Those seeks will then be automatically accepted.

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    Ok but you can only give very specific requests right?  The parameters can't be a range of time controls, they must be an exact number of minutes for the base time and an exact number of seconds for the increment.  Is that correct? 

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    Correct. You cant put a seek out saying "all games from 1 - 10 minutes in length".

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    hello im charles, the last 3 games i have forwrded my pawn to the end of the board...when i go to exchange my pawn for another peace...the game wont let me do it ??? why ?? i have suffered losses from this...whats going on ???


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