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How to eject a player from tournament?

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    Hello, everybody.


    I'm directing an online tournament and, unfortunately, there is a player that insults other player.

    I have reported that to the Support Staff and I have been answered that I may eject this problematic player.

    But, in the "Manage Players" section, I click on the "Withdraw Player" button, and I get this message: "You are not permitted to withdraw a player who has unfinished games."


    I've been searching in forums and "Help & Support" but I can't find the way.

    How may I eject this player?

    Thanks in advanced and best regards.

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    I guess you have to wait he finisces all the matches of the current round.

    that said the reply of the staff surprised me. If someone isult other people the staff should take proper action instead to tell you to do something ( beside the fact that you can't actually do what he suggested)

    I would suggest you to reopen the case saiing that you cannot kick him out due to unfinished matches and take some action ( delete the posts and warn the guy)

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    Hello Ghillan. Thanks for your reply.


    This tournament has only 1 round (12 players playing again each other) so there's no possibility to wait until next round.


    I've already answered the Support Staff informing about the situation but I still haven't received a solution or action taken.


    I advised the player, asking for a little respect, but he kept his behaviour and insulted again.

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    usually a staff member delete the insults and warn the guy to moderate his languange.

    Try updating your case sending a link there the insult are writen and ask for the deletion and warn.

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    I have updated the case.

    I will wait for an answer of the Support Staf.


    Thank you very much, Ghillan.


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