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I can't access my open games

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    The Home page and my Daily Chess page both load but when I click on an open game, the screen turns to black except for the top menu bar.

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    The chess community feels your chess handle name is too pretentious.....recommends changing it....this should remedy your access issues.....

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    I'm having the same problem, can't view or play my Daily games

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    Other site functions - such as viewing personal profile and pasting in PGNs - are not working, too.

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    App or website?
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    Same problem with me. Don't want to lose tournament games because can't access them. Someone please let us know what is going on

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    I'm on the website

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    I'm on a Mac. I'm having the same problem with the Safari browser where I can't open my daily games. However, I can open my games with the Chrome browser. (My machine can't/won't upgrade Safari since the hardware is outdated.)

    Make sure your browser's version is up to date. If it's not, install the current version.

    Or try a different browser.

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    I am on kali linux/firefox, can not open my games or tournaments, games give blank pages.

    allready rebooted, restart, F5  and cleared cache

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    It's easy...

    your computers are too old...

    my computer won't even access the live chess page, so I have to use my ipad

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    My laptop is less than two years old and my operating system is current so it's not my computer age.

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    Hey,  I am having the same problem today,  can not open any daily chess games.  chess.com must have changed something,  because everything was fine before today and I play on a blackberry.

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    Can confirm this problem exists in Firefox on Linux (Debian). Chrome(ium) seems to work fine as a temporary workaround, as does reverting to the old site.

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    I can't access v3 at all with any browser on my iPad. . I reported it.
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    I used v3 only to insert images and videos and access the old site so I can't access the old site even now. Is there a way to access it without having to use v3? I have only the app now to get into CC.com.
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    I have the same problem like Blicharski. I use the Blackberry, too.  

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    I'm having the same issue in Firefox & Internet Explorer on windows, able to view and play games fine in the App but can't access any games via the website.

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    Could we have some sign from the site admins that they are aware of these issues and are working on them? There are a number of V3 features that are not currently working.

    I just went back to V2 in order to make a move in my daily games. It was awful!

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    Same issues, on my iPhone 6 safari 

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