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I can't access my open games

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    Thank you

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    I'm confused! A friend has told me v2 is able to post images and videos via a line of icons at the top of the message text box, as in v3. There is no such line of icons in my message box in v2. I haven't been able to access v3 for over a week and waiting to hear from Support. I've never found that facility in all the time I've used v2. Has anyone else found that?

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    Mylady, my message box in V2 looks like that (with icons). Yours?

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    Hi. Thank you.

    No, there are no such icons, just an empty box to enter text.

    I'm assuming it's v2, it's the one where v3 used to take me when 'old site' was listed at the side of the left-hand page and it's what I used to use before the current app. As I can't access v3 now I have to access what I assumed was v2 via the browser and chess.com/switch in order to log in.
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    What's the version of your computer's operating system? Maybe it's not current enough.
    Have you tried a different browser to access V3?
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    The problem is v3. Trying to depend too much on modern tech has resulted in many unintended consequences.

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    Hi Manekapa. I use an iPad, iOS 9.3.5, it says it's up-to-date. There wasn't a problem pre-11.4.17. I've tried different browsers and cleared caches.

    I'm finding it frustrating after 10 days as the Support member dealing with it initially told me to use the app, which doesn't have the facility to post images and vids, followed by asking two questions I'd already answered in previous emails.
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    It's happened to me a few times. Try restarting the app.
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    Hi LM. I want to post images and videos, the app doesn't support that facility.
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    I believe the new iPads run iOS 10.x.
    If your iPad can't upgrade past iOS 9.3.5, then there's a hardware limitation.
    You need to ask chess.com whether their site is still compatible with iOS 9.3.5.
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    Ok. Thanks, Manekapa, I will. 

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    having same problem - can't access daily games - somebody do something!




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