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kids vs. adult

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    What's the amazing prize?

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    Define kid. Less than 18? 21?

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    If you don't think this thread is useless then you're a kid.

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    I'm 20, but I feel like a child. That said, I still think this thread is useless.

    If we can state that people either play chess or they don't, and that a certain percentage of them uses chess.com, regardless of their age (and I believe that this statement is sufficiently logical in order to make assumptions over it), We can also state that since more people in the world are 18+, statistically we would reach 250 before we reach -250. But since most adults will indeed consider this "game" foolish, they wouldn't bother, while "kids" sometimes like to show presence, for some reason.

    I guess that after all this could be a somewhat intereseting test. But I doubt anyone would take it that way.

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    I am 14 and I always beat my adult. It is boring to play them.

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    what are you guys talking about

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    The kid in me beats my adult most days.

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    Adults almost never seem to change the playing style, strategy even if you have the face the same person 100 times in club level causual games.


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