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Lagging Users

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    The one min game is not quite interesting with the lagging players. I am now facing more lagging users than before.

    Why can't you fix this? Or disallow users from one min game who has bad bandwidth?

    (The biggest problem is they move after 2 or 3 seconds and they regain their timing again, while i am the one who is losing those timing.) 


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    We try to make it as fair as possible to players who experience lag and players on the other end. Our system doesn't count the time it takes for the computer to send and receive the message. In your case this would be the 2-3 seconds you're seeing. So its not that they're actually getting 2-3 extra seconds, its that they're not able to move in those 2-3 seconds, so we don't count it against them. Hopefully that helps explain it.


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