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last game played missing from game archive

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    I played a live standard game yesterday and it never showed up in my game archive.  Has this ever happened to anyone else out there. I comfirmed with my opponent that he had the same thing happen in his game archive.  Did the chess.com website have some kind of server failure yesterday that would have caused this game to disappear.

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    What was the name of your opponent?  Did your rating seem to change at all?

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    I do know that I had someone one move from mate and the game dissapeared. I lost points. Today I was playing and I had 29minutes left, he did not move, then with 14 secinds on his clock I got a pop-up that I had abomdended the game and he got points and I lost points. There is something very wrong with the system. I hope this helps.

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    Yes, this happened to two of my friends here, who were playing a 30|5 game for this tournament http://www.chess.com/blog/thecheesykid/our-305-group-tourney we had to recreate the game from memory because it's no longer to be found in the archives.

    The game was long finished before the servers crashed as well, and the ratings of both players (FM MichiganEagle and The_Ace_of_Hearts) temporarily changed, but then after the servers rebooted the ratings reverted to what they formerly were.

    Also GM dretch was playing a guy called Nemo(something) and the games aren't showing in his archive either. Ratings reverted too.

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    The game may have been aborted by the servers because they were going to restart. Is this the only time its happened to you?

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    The game was already finished. We were analyzing it by the time the site went down.

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    My rated 30|0 game was finished. It said I won by checkmate but my rating never changed and the game never showed up in my archive.  It sounds like others have had this problem on ocasion. Do the moderators here have any idea what causes this behavior.


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