Live chess board buggy in Safari on OS X 10.9.1

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    Since upgrading from OS X 10.9 to 10.9.1, the live chess board has proven really buggy.

    On my MacBook Air, if I switch browser tabs during a live game, when I return to the tab, the live game board will be frozen for me -- I can't move. I have to reload the page to get a working board back.

    On my son's Mac mini, it's even worse -- even without switching browser tabs, his live chess board freezes after every single move (even on the "simple" board). So for him, live chess is currently completely unsable.

    Hope you guys can get this fixed.

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    I hate upgrades,.. In a galaxy far far away ,...

    their was once a Mule named JobZZZ

    He felt software should work with the same dependability as when you use your toaster or turn on the ignition of your car,..

    Then he died, and the Hedge Fund Managers took over the company,..

    i.e. Don't upgrade unless something is wrong with your computer,...

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    I have the same problem here

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    Odd, is this Lion or Maverick ? I'm using Mac Mini at the moment and haven't had any issues with Safari 7.

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    10.9.1 Maverick

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    Ok thanks, I'll boot mine up and see what's going on with it.

    Anything else I should be looking for?

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    Everything else seems to be working fine, thanks your interest

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    I'm still experiencing this by the way.

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    Bump. I'm still experiencing this issue with 10.9.2 with Safari Version 7.0.2 (9537.74.9). It's been happening for the last few months but wasn't happening before that.

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    I've had a similar issue ... In 1 of 3 games played on average, not usable because I have to reload after every move, eating up my clock.  This happened for me before and after OS X upgrade.  I am very discouraged to see that this issue has been going on for some time and has not fixed it.  Otherwise a GREAT site, but I can't use it.  I have sent at least 6 comments.  Each time a response within 24 hours but not came.  It looks like could not care less about this.  It is very frustrating to lose or not get to participate in good games because this starts happening.  Anyone know any reliable instant game chess sites?

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