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Live Chess Disconnect

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    Obsolete - Deleted

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    that is rough,,  I know as it happened to me alot I had to stop playing on live tournaments.  especially frustrating when like you you are on the upside.  Problem for me in live tournaments is it seems everytime in the tournament a game ends I get a minor disruption,, sometimes severe enough to sever my connection.  You have 60 seconds to log back in or lose to abandonment which is not enough..  I feel if you commit, especially in a tournament then you commit to the time.  I too wish something could be done because mostly I can play online chess here..

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    AumTerre, if your support tickets are any proof that the situation is a bit better, it looks like you haven't written in about this since June of 2012. :) 

    When this happens are you doing other things on your computer that use a lot of bandwidth? 

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    Hi Calamondin, I got tired of filing those support tickets. I did everything I was told to do, including changing my OS and still problems. I'm here to try to find out if anyone else shares the experience. Maybe there is a common thread behind it...

    When I play chess, I'm not usually doing anything else. So no and I'm running a 3meg modem only user.

    BTW - sorry for the frustration, you can imagine how it can be after playing a full tourney and losing due to some weird disconnection.

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    one of the stupidest web site.while palying automatically disrupts msaying that i have lost to the other player I have not played .so many times i asked for help but all in deaf ears.Dont play wiyth this chess .com for get it for once for all.cheating web site to loose your chess mood 

    can any one help my id balausha@rediffmail.co,whose falult is this I get disconnectesd staing the fair play not observed .I am very much annoyed.Plse help comrades.s

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    from 1194 now my reatings is 1102 for no fault of mine

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    I've been playing on Chess.com for years now. While I get frustrated with live chess disconnect problems, especially in tournements, I wouldn't say the site is stupid. It does have problems which I suspect are difficult to troubleshoot since Calamodin and others have been trying to help me with the problem for a long time. I do wonder why it happens, especially when the rest of my internet connection like gmail remains up and running. I really have to give Chess.com credit though, live chess is more stable than it ever has been and its still one of the best on the net. 

    My original frustrated rant aside, since tech support has been unable to resolve the issue, I would like to know if others are having the same problem and what else happened when they get disconnected?

    If you open a new page and surf to a site does it load?

    Do you try to reload the page or wait? 

    Do you ever get the weird message that Live chess is not found but you can access the chess.com site?

    That kind of thing.


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    live chess do not load once disconnected.....
    It ha happened over & over.
    Why don't it open at all?
    Definately this is not a stupid site but what about its stupid behavior.
    Its stupid until fixed...
    I came here to get solution to my problem & i rarely comment. 

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    It is for sure. I started playing on a tablet and the server does the same thing. Disconnects or looks like its connected but it isnt then you lose on time. I stopped paying for the service because they refuse to address the problem and keep blaming it on everything else.

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    I'm sorry you are experiencing this. It sounds like you are browsing to Chess.com to access Live Chess. Have you tried using the Chess.com app? Unfortunately we don't yet support the browsers on mobile devices, only the apps.

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    Hi Calamondin, I am using the Chess.com app for android and still experiencing the problems I described above. I don't know if its because I'm outside North America which again is why I ask for community input...


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    This is still very much an issue. I have great bandwidth and I have nothing else but email. Everything else works, yet I am still "disconnected." Now, it has gotten to about every sixth game or so. What is happening?

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    Same same here... If you're on a tablet its pretty much every 2nd game. I suspended renewing my membership because of it which is my way of protesting poor performance and lack of ownership of the problem. If someone had the balls to say, "hey, we're still growing and experiencing some challenges, please be patient while we work to fix this," I'd understand and give my money to support the betterment of the site, but instead the blame kind of drifts between "its your browser", "your OS", "your internet connection", and anything else but Chess.com. 

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    I can only solidarize with you, as I suffer the same problems.

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    Same for me, since one week. Before, I've been playing for months without problems....I'm trying to solve it, without success....last time, years ago, I finally decided to stop using chess.com...


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