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    I have added a local chess club to chess.com, I can look it up by name, but it will not show up on the interactive map. I have the option to "map it" in the account itself, and it will go to a map, but it still will not show up on the main map itself. Am I doing something wrong?

    For reference it is Jackson Chess Club in Jackson Tennessee.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Got Chess?

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    I just became a member of the chess federation and need to play in a tournament, so how can I play at your club in Jackson,TN.? I would like to play in a unrated tournament at first if possible.

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    the one on Feb 9th will be rated, but if you want a practice round I dont mind meeting up and playing a little bit before then

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    Well, I will be at our chess night in Selmer at the Buzz and I can give you the address if you would meet with me there so we could meet each other. I would really love to get better but since I have never played in a tournament before my convidents is a little low even with me being 30 years old.

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