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  • #1

    My meebo bar doesn't work anymore. I logged out of meebo and now all I see are the 2 little popsicles at the far right...I want my meebo back. Could anyone help?

  • #2

    have you gone to the support.chess.com?

  • #3

    Did you disable chat?  I think chat has to be enabled fro the meebo bar to work....

  • #4

    I actually had done that once but after a couple of hours of not logging back to chess.com, my meebo chat thing reappeared.

  • #5

    Are you guys the only ones in the Universe who use Meebo? Isn't it just too clumsy to be useful?

  • #6

    That is why you just leave it up. It's a nuesence otherwise. Perfect example.

  • #7

    I don't know how it is for you, Ryan, but leaving it up for me is just a little too 'spamtastic' for my liking. :-)

  • #8

    I mean't the bar, not the chat. I just keep it up because I don't want to deal with it. If anyone wants to talk to me, message or drop a note.


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