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My live chess keeps freezing

  • #1

    hi there.


    my live chess keeps freezing INSTANTLY as soon as the page loads. no buttons respond at all on the page :( please help

  • #2

    What browser and operating system are you using?

  • #3

    google chrome version 18.0.1 (if i update it then youtube glitches to hell!)

    windows xp :) 

  • #4

    Unfortunately thats probably the reason. Have you tried making sure that you're not using any extensions on the browser? That may have some bearing on youtube as well. 

  • #5

    ahhhhh, seems to be working on firefox... could've sworn it was freezing on that too the other day.. perhaps it was ie. :s

    Well hopefully it'll keep on working, thanks for the help <3 :D 


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