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my seranade without the harmonics

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    i do not like the way this setup is, i mean i can play a game make a move n it sends me back to the very 1st player that i played over n over n over and its just not right OR can u tell me what i might possibly be doing wrong or if maybe ur sights messing up. this is ummmmmmmm ratatouie ok im here

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    It works the way it always did for me...

  • #3

    Do you have your setups the same as before ? To take you to next ready game ??

  • #4

    oh yes maam reta reta

  • #5

    This is a truly great day in the evolution of titles. Smile

  • #6

    wella betta bet on mrs. reta ok mmrs. reta vanetta now    here it is in a nut shell ok now i have a smart phone n its so smart that it doesnt play my games on chess .com i have to sign up n still i dont pla online chess then its called mobile i dont like it now can u send me n app for chess.com so i can play online?

    n reta remember here comes the bride

  • #7

    Ratty I dont know how to send apps . I could not get on chess.com on my smart phone at all or anything else that did not involve calling or texting .So you are going to have to ask the younger generation about  that


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