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No Points Awarded for Win

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    Hello all,


    I apologise if this query is misplaced, but I just finished a game on Vienna Game tournament. The game ended with a Scholar's Mate following the Frankenstein-Dracula variation, but no points were awarded?


    The tournament is rated, so I'm a little confused and was hoping someone could shed light on it?

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    I thought that any game going three full moves was rated.  You started with one and a half moves already played and mated on move 5, so it  seems you would have reached the three move threshold.

    As a result, I have no idea why it wasn't rated. Write an email to support.

    [email protected] 

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    Thematic games don't start counting moves until the first one played by the player. Games would need to go at least 4 moves per player on timeout (which I thought only counted in non-tourney games) but checkmate should give a rating change no matter how many moves. I would bug report it for sure.


    4-move rule for rating changes on timeout and resignation:



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