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Ongoing problems since update

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    I'll try to do some testing on my own device and see if I'm able to replicate it. I'll let you know what I find asap. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!

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    Thank you.

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    Hi. Any suggestions Jacy1n? I love this app but it's been quite frustrating for over 2 weeks, getting nowhere!

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    Now I also have a problem with live chess - the opponents' time in the last 15-min games I've played has gone up, not down! I'm losing the correct amount of time while theirs hardly moves!

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    Unfortunately your previous problem plus the problem you've just described points to a connection issue.  I've tried to replicate the problem on my own device and have had no luck :( 

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    So that means I'm stuck with it? I didn't have a problem pre-update so I can't understand how it's a connection problem. Is it worth deleting the app again and re-installing? I've received details on a trial of premium membership but am obviously not going to do this while these problems are ongoing. Are other members having similar problems since the update?
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    You can certainly try uninstalling again.  You might also try using wi-fi if you can. I haven't seen any other reports of issues that you're experiencing since the update.

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    U can uninstall it and reinstall it


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