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Opponents vacation time went up from 6 to 29 days today!?

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    In one of my games irWietje vs RunawayKnight his vacation day yesterday showed 6 days. When i checked it this morning it suddenly said 29 days. I have already been waiting for a long time. He already went on vacation before the 3rd of august (this is when my first game in this tournament finished and he has been vacation before that). His vacation time is below one week, that's for sure what happened? A Bug?

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    last login was 13 july i've noticed..

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    It doesn't say he's on vacation, and your game against him is not there. 

    What tournament is it?

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    I am not complaining about the player, he can have all the vacation time he wants (he might be ill), but  there seems to be a bug in the vacation system, it's very strange his vacation time went up, while being offline for over three months

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    As I said before, it doesn't matter to me that he is having vacation, I was very confused to see he got one month extra. If the reason for this is his illness, I have no problem with that (I wish him the best and hope he is ok), but it could be mentioned in his profile for example. I have a paid membership myself and it doesn't give me extra vacation time so I don't think it has to do with the renewal, I put this message in support NOT to attack someone but to report a possible vacation time bug.

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    DeweyOxberger schreef:
    I wonder how long chess.com will keep this recurring charge against a sick and elderly old man.

    First of all, 'recurring'? Second, I just came here to report a possible bug. That has nothing to do with the player in person.


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