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Perpetual Check Problem Here

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    Okay, I was just playing a game on Live Chess and I was getting ready to win. But this guy got me in perpetual check. I offered him a draw, thinking that the game would be one anyway. However, he declined and began checking me. I kept going, thinking that he just didn't know. To my surprise, I found out that no draw was made. He continued to check me...and I checked and saw that I was down on
    time. This guy was trying to run me down on time and get a win. Unfortunately for him, I'm a fighter and don't give up too easily. I finally got him to make a wrong move and win the game...after 606 moves. My question is: Why was he able to do this? I thought that a repetition of position 3 times resulted in a draw. Thank you very much.
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    Since your opponent played... The Damiano Defense

    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 f6?

    You should have replied with a knight sacrifice on e5, b/c it is not really a sacrafice. If he takes it, he will need to give you a rook or be checkmated when you bring your queen out to h5 with check.

    Very powerful and decisive opening for white.

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    Clearly drawn if you push the accept draw button.

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    Yea, there's a button, I think it starts out as 'offer draw' but once you repeat the same position three times, it changes to 'claim draw'.   

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    I just used it today, 'claim draw'.  Same place as the 'offer draw' is, word changes to 'claim'. 


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