Resolved: Premium Account/Money Going Down Thing.

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    Hey guys,

    I have had Preminuim account now for some time, and everytime i check it it first said i had $48 dollars for upgrades now it has gone down and has been going down day after day. 

    Why is it going down?

    And what items can i spend it for since it does state " Money left for upgrades ".



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    I think that's the credit you would get toward upgrading your account to a higher level. It goes down as you progress through your current year's membership.

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    so could i use this vice versa say that i am not going to be able to pay for the diamond membership and i have enough for a year of premium i could downgrade to that?

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    So does that mean if  i run out of money will my membership be expired???

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    Ive tryed upgrading to a diamond membership with the 47 dollars i have left for 1 month but dosent what can i upgrade with my money??

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    Looks like this answers that question:


    Upgrading can be done at any time and the upgrade price will be pro-rated according to the time used and time remaining. The upgrade price will show in the checkout process/cart. Downgrades are not available until after the expiration of the original subscription. To downgrade please contact Member Support.

    From the subscriber agreement at this link:

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    But then why cant i upgrade? Asks me to login into paypal? And i dont want to do that... :/ 

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    Because you'd owe more money to do it?  You'd get credit for the unused portion of your platinum membership, but still owe the balance for the diamond...

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    The remaining premium membership credit is the remaining amount on your premium membership which you can use to change from one premium membership plan to another premium membership plan so that you will only have to pay the difference when changing from one premium membership plan to another.

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    Oh ok i get it now. Just my last question if i run out of Membership credit does my membership expire?? 

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    I think that the way it works is that when you pay for a years membership at a higher level you get a pro-rata discount of your remaining membership at your current level

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    So if i dont have any money memerbship credit am i no longer a member? 

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    Bigtags7 wrote:

    So if i dont have any money memerbship credit am i no longer a member? 

    You paid for a specified period. After that period is over, and you have cancelled your auto renew, you will become a basic/free member.

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