Problem with Current Games Listing


I just noticed a problem when viewing my "Current Games" listing.  When I click on the "show all" button to list all my games, the last few games I already made moves in show up on the top of the list, indicating it is my turn.  When I go to those games, it shows the board as it was before I moved.  I then make the same move, and I get an error message saying the board was not current.

I also just noticed a similar problem on the "My Home" page; but in reverse.  When I go to the My Home page, the listing of the current games again shows the last few I already made moves in on top.  Here, when I click on the "show all" link, and the list of all my games comes up, those games are moved to my listing of "waiting" games.

Anybody else having this problem?  Thanks.



Ok, I just changed over to my Firefox browser, and the problem went away.  I still wonder though, why was it happening before?  I was using my AOL browser.  That had not happened in the past.  Oh well.Laughing


AOL = not good


Erik, while what you say may be true, don't you think its better to cater for all browsers? Tongue out I appreciate the time and difficulty this would cause, and the easiness of obtaining another browser, however!

I do not have this problem with Google Chrome, by the way.


Did you have this same problem, Nytik?  Do you use AOL also?

I like using AOL most of the time.  I can keep my e-mail, windows to other websites, and AOL content all on the one browser without any problem.  I never really had a problem with the AOL browser before.  I only began having problems with it here and there when using this website.  Laughing  That is when I decided to get Firefox, based on recommendations made here.  I do use it mainly for playing on  Other than that, I still use my AOL browser for everything else.

Thanks for the comments, Nytik and Erik.



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