Problem with Images not Loading


I have noticed the last couple of days or so that some avatars, and other images have been slow to load or don't load at all.  It has happened with my Firefox, Internet Explorer, AOL, and Google Chrome browsers.

I tried clearing the cache, but the problem persists.

Since this problem has gone on for a couple of days or so now, I guess staff has been told about it.  I just wanted to report that it is still going on.

Thanks.  :-)


I'm noticing the same problem. I even had a hard time logging in yesterday.


Hello guys,


I am using google chrome browser is very fast and effective 

from time to time i do the following tasks:

1-to clear the cache by clicking on history (daily)

2-to clean the downloads (daily)

3-to clean the hard disk (weekly)

4-to defrag (weekly)

You can put these tasks on scheduled tasks to avoid the manually tasks.

On internet browser : for slow loading images you should try the refresh button in addition to the 4 tasks mentioned above.

and i guarantee that no problem will persist.


it's fixed now! you may need to clear your cache to get it to work. enjoy!


Thanks, Roberto!  :-)

And thanks to you as well, Erik!  I had noticed the problem mainly around the time you all made the changes a few days to about a week ago now.  The last couple of days, it has worked much better.  As recently as yesterday, only a few avatars were not loading up as quickly.  Today, the problem seems to be gone completely.

Thanks again!  :-)