problem with live chess new game button


When I log into live chess, I am greeted by a menu allowing me to advertise a certain time control and rating range.  Great!  I click on Start Game, wait a few seconds, and bingo!  Still great.

After the game, I see a cool button asking me to play a New 5 Min game.  Excellent!  One click and a few seconds later, I am playing again.  I am a happy member, until I see the opponent's rating: 800 points below mine!

How did that happen?  I thought I had selected a rating range just to avoid this scenario.  The system remembers my game settings each time I log in, so why can't it use these settings when I seek another game?

I have since found out that I can click on the small New Game tab on the upper right, which brings me back to the same window I see each time I log in.  But why do we need two clicks for something so simple?

Michael Aigner


maybe a glitch? I certainly had problems on a phone where i was paired  with 1200's (consider my blitz and bullet... i do not play standard.)