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Problem with Tactics Trainer

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    Today, I tried the Tactics Trainer again, and nothing happened after I made a wrong first move for my first puzzle today. So I waited for the "try again" button. It didn't appear. I refreshed the page after like 30 seconds, and a new puzzle appeared... Whatever happened the the last one? Made a wrong move again, and still the same. Checked the settings, and nothing wrong. For the third puzzle, I made a "correct move" (NOT "puzzle solved"), and that was it. The computer didn't even make a move after it.

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    I had the same problem today.

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    Hmm... Seems like it's currently fixed, but after I've solved my third problem as a free member, it jumps to the stats page automatically? I can't even see if my rating improved, and often times even if I solve puzzles, the stats still say that I'm dropping... I'm now at what? 763?

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    When it directs you to the stats page you can review your recent problems if you scroll down: http://grab.by/koQY 

    Will you let me know which puzzles you are referring to that when you solve it says your rating is dropping, please? I will have a look.


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