I can't Play or Remove a game challenge from my home screen.

Ive tried adjusting my own Daily Rating variations for game challenges amounts by the 400- and 400+ and my friend did the same, so we could play each other, but that didn't work.

It still says are ratings are to high to play each other, but that is not true, eg: Friend 1132 v Me 1481. 400 up or down should of covered that.

Also we can not Remove the Game Challenge, can anyone show us how to do that.

Any Help will be very much appreciated, especially if support team is around.

Thanks friends

Cheers Kev



Hey Goridulich, its great to see you again, thats great thanks, but i cant speak or read  Russian. Can you show me in English or where on the page you are showing me.

Thanks for you help, we must play again soon ok.

You are probably the only person on that knows this answer and I really need it.

Cheers Kev



Is it a challenge you sent to your friend or did he sent it to you?

Seems like Goridulich is trying to demonstrate how to initiate a challenge with a friend. But i do understand that you're trying to delete/remove challenges.

Is it this simple? Do you think it's a home screen bug?


Hey Mainframe thanks for your input, my friend sent me a challenge and we couldn't play because of our ratings, but even after changing the variation amounts to 400 + and 400 - for both of us, we still couldn't play the game.

So we decided to delete the game and that's the problem, we don't know how to do that,

Yes I think its a bug because ive checked every menu item i can find and searched the whole forum database and no answers still. Ive searched on google and no answers there either.

So i wrote to support and im waiting on their reply



Have you tried making it "Any" from +/- 400?


Yep we both have reset them to 400 up and 400 down and still cant play the game



Do you not see the X option on. The game screen as posted in post 4?


Some people that have had the issue have been successful in removing them via the app.


do you mean the accept option with the tick and cross?



im not getting the accept option with the tick and cross,

this is on my home page like below


There is a daily setting:

“my friends can challenge me no matter what”

Hey thanks, yes that's turned off, and the rating variations are set to Infinity + and - and we still cant play or delete the game



uhhh, how do you deliete credit chard debt, dueds?


I normally cut them up, but my screen is a 65inch Samsung 4k TV Screen and I cant afford to cut it thanks happy.pngwink.png



I cant open the game and theres no cross or even acceptance box, nothing happens when i click it




Hey PawnstormPossie (kool name) ok ive got the app so after my games ill look for it and try it out, thanks heaps for yr help. Cheers Kev



ok thanks PP ill check when i wake up i got to get some sleep its been a long nite and its nearly 9am in the morning, thanks for yr help. cheers kev