Some problems in Computer Analysis of games


In several computer game analysis, some strange things happen.

In this case: look at move 11. Computer said that my move Nxe5 was bad and the best move was ... Nxe5.

In this other case: the computer didn't like my move 1... c5 after e4 and says that e5 is better. This is not the first time that the computer is not using an opening library when commenting my games.

Same thing happened in this game: .

Finally, in a game I cannot find now, in the middle of the game, the computer seemed to have swapped colors because all the comments and evaluation of possitions seemed intended for my opponents instead of my pieces.

I use this game analysys tool really a lot and I would like to see it performs always in the same good way.



Are you a premium or a free member?


I'm a premium member.


Same thing happened to my analysis several times. In a white's winning position, the computer said "black has a decisive advantage".


Same with me:


Scottrf whats the analysis link for that?


Move 38 it gets confused.

Strangely, my game archive says the game lasted 38 moves, when I played 41. Perhaps because the last few were conditional?


Thanks, I've sent the report over to the programmer to take a look at and see if he can see where the issue is coming from.


@Scottrf please make sure to click directly on the move you're interested in:

On the screenshot you have provided, your pointer is positioned over one of the moves variants.


Yes, the computer provides alternate lines to the move played, which I was exploring. On the alternates to 38...h4 it gives 2 variations where black is completely losing but the text says 'Black has a decisive advantage'.