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Sounds Issue

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    Recently the sounds that are made when playing have changed, and I can't seem to make them go back to the old sounds. Maybe someone hacked my computer? Because no one could be so completely retarded as to make sounds for Chess.com that sound like people farting.

    Seriously, how can I reset the sounds back to the real sounds, because the sounds I am hearing now can't be the real sounds.

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    the sounds did indeed change.  let's keep it family friendly, though.  :)

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    Did you setting up the power of sound on your computer ?

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    have no sound despite settings

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    power sound on comp is ok

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    anyone advice?

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    vesko wrote:

    have no sound despite settings

    same thing happens to me, no sound despite settings, no idea how to put it on.

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    For my mac, i found the solution : download the new version of Adobe

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    thanks. I succeded to recover the sound by connecting via google chrome. Anyhow, I shell install the new version of Adobe. 

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    well i have a strange but very annoying sound problem:

    when on for a few hours the sound when the other side moves is mute, my moves are not mute.

    lost tons of games since when the opponent is to move i am very absorbed in thinking and i relay on listening to the move of counterparty.

    in blits i loose to much time due to this annoying phenomena.

    the problerm disappears when closing the browser and opening again, in blits this cost to much time.

    SSUUPPEER annoying !!!!!!!!

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    Don't play blitz. Don't spend so much time playing chess.


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