Hello everyone, I would like to translate in my language (with that I don't mean translating it with google ;) ). I filled a form they had sent me but I haven't received any feedback yet. Do you know how is it going? how can I get in touch with them? have you started any kind of support with them in translations?

I will be waiting for your answers, thank you and greetings! Smile


I don't think they've started contacting people about it yet. At least I hope so, because I haven't got any message either.


Why not send a note or message to whoever (or whatever) you submitted the form to? Otherwise click on HELP & SUPPORT and you can contact the staff directly with your question.


I don't think Erik has contacted anyone about this yet. Hes busy doing something last week, this week and next but will contact people about the translation project once he starts getting it under way. At present as far as I know the programmers are all doing their bit on it first.


Ok, thank you very much for your feedback. I will be waiting to help you.




Me too.I still wait for response about traslating in my language for several weeks.


Agree with you -kenpo-, this is why I want to help them translating this site, I don't have problems with english, but I want to share this wonderful site to other people who do not understand it.