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Unfair team match situation

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    So in this team match here http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=298194 My group is unfairly losing because I lost 2 points to a cheater who's account has been closed down. The score is 6-4 to them when it should be 6-4 to us. So can I have 2 points for our team. Also when I played the cheater I thought he was geniune as his rating was 2100+ and he was the highest player I ever played so I even invited him to my team and he was the highest rated member there. I was really p***ed off (excuse my language) when I found out his account got closed down for cheating because I had lost about 40-70 rating points to him because he was one of the first people I played on here (The more people you play the less the rating adjustment is). So can I please have my rating points back aswell because I am focusing on getting to 1600 and I do not want cheaters to get in my way.

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    Hello Mr.Billon_Tactics_Boy, this does seem unfair so please go down the screen and go to "Help & Support". Then,after you have gone there,go here,and submit your ticket.


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    I am not reporting an abusive user as he has already had his account closed down. I just want my lost rating points back and my team match points.

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    Billion_Tactics_Boy wrote:

    I am not reporting an abusive user as he has already had his account closed down. I just want my lost rating points back and my team match points.

    Wont happen.

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    Why!? It's only fair. Why won't it happen?

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    Just doesn't work, rating changes affect too many people too quickly - there is a ripple effect, you can't just give people their points back. Also, just too much admin for chess.com.

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    This is not fair. I am a decent and honest person on chess.com and did nothing to deserve this. I really want to get past 1600 and I am not having a cheating woodshovers set me back!

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    As other says, there is nothing to do. It happens. If your real value is around 1600, you'll get there regardless this.. accident.

    For the team match, yeah is annoying, but I'm afraid nothing can be done there either.

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    Look at it this way.  In every game since you lost to the cheater, you have been given a few more points for a win, and lost a few less points for a loss, than if you never played him. 

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    Bite the bullet and keep on marching. If you let one cheater spoil your advance you're wasting your time. The majority of people here are good sports. Admin has ousted him; time to play on.

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    Alright I understand. 1600 is not far off now.

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    When you have played a hundred more games, there won't be any difference. It doesn't make it less unfair.

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    Sorry, can't help you there.

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    Also, chess.com closes accounts all the time and just throws them in the cheater list regardless of if they are really cheating; it makes the cheater list long to give the impression that they are catching cheaters. He may well have not been cheating but just pissed off an admin. 

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    Many of us have been victimized by cheaters.  It helps if you enjoy playing the games and don't take winning and losing too seriously.

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    Looked back in your archive ... you lost 1 rating point for your two losses to this guy lol.

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    Every point counts lol :p


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