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Unlink me please

  • #1

    I see how you people unlink the user's account from facebook. Can you do the same with me? I want to be able to log in normaly, using the same nick and email address.

  • #2

    Click on Help & Support at the bottom of the page and if you can't find what you want under FAQs or whatever contact the staff directly, which you will find under Help & Support

  • #3

    I can unlink you. :) Do you already have a password set up on your account so that you can log in?  

  • #4

    no i dont think so, since i can only log in through facebook. but that is exactly what i want to achieve. have another password and not use the one from facebook.

  • #5

    I've created a temp password for you, and sent it to your email on file. Once you have changed that, and can log in, let me know and I can unlink you. 

  • #6

    all right! i created a new password and can log in by using that and not facebook. so i guess you can unlink me now!

  • #7

    did you unlink me already??? i havent heard of you in a while

  • #8

    I did, and posted a note on your profile page. Are you still logging in through FB?

  • #9

    no i dont should i try? thank you by the way!


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