Unrated challengers


Sometimes when I put on some open invites, to get a game started, I get people who are unrated occasionally. How do I change the settings so that I don't get unrated challengers? Can someone give me an answer? I would really appreciate it. Cause I looked around and I really want this setting thing to be changed, but, I just can't find an answer to what I want here.....

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unrated players, just like me yesterday have the chess.com standard rating for newcomers which is i believe 1200..

they are not actually unrated but more likely, the system has not yet gauge their strength thus "unrated"..

so if you dont want to play against "unrated" players, try to set your minimum range of opponent to 1250..

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If I lose to an unrated player (who could be a master) do I lose a lot of rating points?


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I said you can go to Live Chess -> Settings -> Filter and choose Rated Only to avoid unrated players.


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oh LOL. yes.


referring to trutharrow. I once lost 200 points ;(


I have a friend with whom I play OTB and he usually beats me. His online rating is about 1380, but my guess is that his rating should be 2100-2200. He gave me a challenge the other day and I declined. In the unlikely event I beat him my rating would advance by 1 point. In the likely event that I lost, I would lose 23 point! Sounds like a bad move to me but I still felt bad about turning him down...

Trutharrow wrote:

If I lose to an unrated player (who could be a master) do I lose a lot of rating points?

You shouldn't.  The Glicko rating system is set up so that a player with a high RD (ratings deviation) will gain or lose a large number of points as the system attempts to establish his rating.  Likewise his opponent will gain or lose very little as the system takes into account that an unrated opponents initial rating is inaccurate.  As the RD comes down due to more games being played the rating swing of the formerly unrated player becomes less extreme, but his opponents will gain or lose more points.  If none of that made any sense to you there are dozens of archived threads on "Glicko RD" that probably explain it better.