User name


Hello, i would lke to change my user name but everytime i try to edit it, it says i cant change while logged into live chess? How do i logout out of live chess? Ive logged out of the site, log back in get the same response. Sorry if this is a stupd question im not very computer literate.


Never tried this but here is the link to the FAQ about changing your username.

I think that may be fairly new, as I recall in the past you had to open a ticket and could only do it one time (or I could be remembering it incorrectly) ... just fully read that, you still can only change it once but looks like it is easier to do now.


Sounds like you've got a bug of some kind - best to report it directly...


Thanks for the responses, i appreciate your helpLaughing


This has happened to me too when you are not online in LIVE CHESS then you CAN change your username