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Videos not working on iphone

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    To my great disappointment lately some of the ideos do not download on the iphone. Namely Sam's last two and today's (3/12/2010) video by Danny. I had no problems with an in-between video by Dzindzi, and of course all the previous ones are still working fine.

    Any help from staff?


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    taking a look...

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    Thanks Eric - I suppose you did something, as I can now load the movies without problems, just as before.

    Otherwise my iphone just woke up in a better mood...



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    our processing script just finally got through it :)

  • #5

    I'm having a similar situation. Is there anything I can do on my end?

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    im having problems watching videos on my iphone 5 and 4. both phones have been working fine and today i cannot view any videos. ive reset both phones but still having no luck. i tried watching through the app and through a browser and still nothing.

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    I got exactly the same problem as jpramirez. Not only in iPhone app but also android app. Please help.

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    The team are working on this at the moment. Should be fixed later today hopefully.

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    Some videos are working on the app but it seems the newer ones are not working. I am using an ipad2

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    Also videos are not working through the normal website at all while using the iPad.

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    Im having this problem now with iphone 5. It only downloads 2 min of the video and no sound.


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