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Where did the Analysis and Explore buttons go?

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    On the Facebook interface, where did the Analysis button go? Mine has disappeared.

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    Are you using the facebook interface on a PC? MAC? Cell phone? What OS and browser are you using? Don't expect much help if you leave out these minor details which are required when you contact the staff directly via Help & Support

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    Sorry - should have included them. The problem appears to be fixed now. I don't know if YOU fixed it or ME. I may have had the screen zoomed? Anyway: PC, Windows Vista, Firefox (newest version) with Adblocker Plus and Advertban.

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    I never thought about the possibility of anyone "zooming out" some important part of their view! However I don't think it's very likely you could do so inadvertently although I'm not familiar with Vista but in XP you have to change the screen resolution (ie do so via the OS) - or else hit the "zoom" button under "view" in FF or IE.In either case you'd probably be aware of having done so - although I think you can do so thru the mouse too unintentionally - but I'm sure you'd notice any dramatic change in your view.


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