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Why after winning 4 straight games did I get a fair play restriction?

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    I mean, it doesn't make sense. it also should be theoretically impossible. WHAT???

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    Your nickname suggests that you abort many games due to your connection problems? That should be the reason.

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    I don't "abort games." i lag out. how is that against the rules? i'm giving people free wins, especially in situations where it is clear i'm winning.

    doesn't this website have any sort of algorithm to measure such variables?

    like take into account how long a game could possibly be and take into account pieces taken? why would i lag out at the very end if the score was close. the same goes for the beginning and middle of the game.


    I WON FOUR GAMES IN A ROW. THAT'S THE POINT BRO. but i get a restriction? lol. despite disconnecting, you failed to answer my question. thx for trying though, collect your door prize

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    First off, i sugegst you to chill out a bit.

    If you ask a question and someone is triing to give you an answer its not nice to reply back with the tone you did.

    Anyway, the problem its not the number of wins or losses. The problem reside in the number of games your hopponent win becuse you didn't moved. You have to know that if you play a game ( let's say a 10 min game), if its your turn and you dont move in 5 mins you got kicked out of the match, your hopponent win and you are reported.


    The reason of this its that a lot of people in losing position instead to resign or move just retaliate forcing the hopponent to stay there for all the time until the clock goes to 0. Very childish behaviour ,but very, very common (Immagine the boredom in a 30 min match where the loser had still 25 mins in his clock).

    Sadly there's nothing you can do if you have a bad connection. Maybe you could try the online games ( 3 days/move). Personally i like more turn rated games instead of fast games. It allow both palyers to deeeply analyze the position and the resulting games are often so much more strategical. Since you can just log in and move you will have no conenction problems and maybe you will like those games even more. 

    Hope it helped.

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    yeah i was trolling for no reason.


    despite all of that, it doesn't make sense that after winning games i get suspended...if i had lost games, then your explaination obviously makes sense and there is nothing to refute it.

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    I empathise with this guy TooMuchLAg.. Poor fellow, he plays pretty well, yet loses more often than not, all due to his poor connectivity. So, his frustration is obvious.. Chill, mate :)
    Keep up your chess. You'll reign supreme :) 


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