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Why doesn't it send my email alerts when it's my turn to move?

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    I was playing a game in a tournament, and I had 3 days to move.  When it was my turn, it started the timer, but didn't send me an email, even though I subscribed to get email alerts when it was my turn to move.  It sent me an email when there was 8 hours left.  I check my email every day, which should be enough if I actually had the 3 days it said I would have.  But I don't check my email every 8 hours, especially not if I happen to be sleeping then.  So, I lost the game because of time.  The same thing happened to my brother, who was also playing in the same tournament.  How can I, my brother, or Chess.com fix this?

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    Probably because it didnt get verifyed and you didnt subscribe to get alerts of whats happening on chess.com

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    But I DID subscribe to get alerts!  What do you mean by "verified?"

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    Well i dont know then sorry. You might have to ask help and support in the chatrooms.

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    I have the same question. I just started a game and I don't get alerts when it's my move. Do I have to sign up for something?


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    @mabro354- Do you have your settings set up to receive alerts? You can check here: http://www.chess.com/home/alerts

    If you do, you might also check your spam folder as sometimes our messages get sent there. 

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    Just a thought, check that your spam filter/virus protector allows it through.

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    I think I have it figured out now.  The problem is that I have to officially log out for it to send me the emails.  Just closing the window isn't enough.  

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    Agrre.   I encountered this very same thing.  Following Alex' advice... if you logoff, then the email alert will be sent, otherwise you only seem to receive an alert via the chess.com notification system.


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