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All games end in opponent disconnecting

  • #1

    4/5 of my games end with opponent disconnecting (if I'm winning). The 5 minutes that I have to wait is not the worst thing ever, but still it's annoying because before I could start another game while now only the disconnectors can.

    I know this has been discussed before but it needs to be said again. The current solution is not working.

  • #2

    Oh it certainly is not working. However, the majority of us users, myself included, haven't been able to come up with anything better. How about yourself?

  • #3

    I was fine with how the system used to be...

  • #4

    I thought they had made it 2 minutes if someone disconnects?

    Last time it happened to me I'm 90% sure it said 'XXX has 2 minutes to reconnect', and he lost by game abandoned with about 5 out of 8 minutes on the clock.

  • #5

    It has been 5 minutes for me every time. I play 30/0 games only. Maybe the disconnect time is shorter for shorter games?

  • #6

    Think you're on to something Sir_Connery.  I remember someone from staff saying something about it being a % of the total time you have for the game.  Wish I remembered more....

  • #7

    You must make each individual move within 50% of the total time (not sure if just tournament games), maybe disconnection has something similar, maybe 2 mins for blitz, 5 for standard.


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