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Blacks neglected king safety in order to grab a little pawns...

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    yes, the name of the game is Capture the King.    many are hung up on material.   you have a very good flair for attack !!    well done !!!

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    keep up the good work

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    nice job


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    Honestly, it's not that black grabbed pawns, although he/she did so very unwisely. 

    It's the fact that 20...Kd6?? loses two rooks and gets the mated in a few moves, while 20...Qxc7 is probably fine for white (if a forced win doesn't exist), but at least black is up material after that line.

    For instance white should see 21.Bb5+ instead of 21.Rxc7+,  and this line seems to win for white. 

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    Very nice opening gambit, whenever I see that type of play from my opponent I always get a little nervous. It's usually a sign that a crazy exciting instense game is about to be played. And yes also pawns are "useless" in attacking get games like that get developed and ignore the structures, it was a very fun game to watch


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