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Fishing Pole Trap

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    This is a live chess game (5 minutes, unrated) that I played. I played Black and my opponent played White. In this game, I played the fishing pole trap. Hope you enjoy the game!

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    Nice end position.  Weird game haha.  I like it!  :)

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    Thats not really the Fishing pole trap! The fishing pole trap is checkmate and yours its not!

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    ...... Man... This was played on me a few months ago.... I love it! Gonna use it at Nationals next month (Vegas)

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    Anyone with any sense knows how to defend this with white nowadays & then black is in less than perfect position.

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    I think you could have a very low chance on winning by doing so much sacrifices xD I think if your opponent do not follow the moves you want him to play you'll be on a great trouble

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    A terrible game.

    This trap is crap.

    6.hg4 is a bad blunder. 6.c3 or 6.d3 and Black is in very bad shape.

    8...Qh4 9.Qh3 (forced) Qxh3 10.gh3 dc6 and Black is a pawn up with much the better position.

    9.d4 is another blunder. White had to play 9.Qg3.

    20.b4 is the last straw (in a losing position).


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