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How often do u think ur playing the first game when u load live chess?

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    I've got up to around 1 a day now so im feeling pretty good about that

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    Both OP's question and his subsequent post are puzzling to me.

    What exactly do you mean with "playing the first game"? My first game ever? The first open seek which happens to pop up? What?

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    Stumped here.

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    The first game playing when u load live chess. Usually between 2 high rank players. How often do you think its you playing and then be all confused when it moves or worse it moves at exactly the same time you tried to move so you actually think its you playing?

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    I understand what you mean now, but this brings up a bigger question.

    How is it that you see pieces move by themselves on the board, and you think you are the one moving them?

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    When it moves exactly when you click the mouse to move

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    Ghosts are in your internet! Shut down your PC immediately!! 

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    It happens to me quite regularly, particularly if it is late in the evening. I get all excited that not only is my rating suddenly above 2000, but also that I can move the pieces with my mind.


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