How to turn off auto spectate

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    I like to watch some of the top players at different times and really enjoy learning from them. However I think that the constant spam in the chat box is plenty enough to remind me that they are playing. There appears to be a new feature that auto makes you watch the top game playing when you are actually just trying to set up your own game instead. Is there a way to turn it off? As annoying as it is, I still prefer the text spam.

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    Agreed... and now it's forcing me to watch my friends games at all times... so darn annoying.

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    Well it seems there's at least 2 of us that don't like it... Tongue Out

    Anyone know how to remove it? Staff?

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    When you log in, look in Alerts console. It shows by the top player game (hide), if you click on that, it auto options your settings box where you can un-check 'show top games'.

    Alternatively, go into your live chess settings (within live chess)

    (top right corner on Full Board - under Chatrooms for Simple board).

    On Play tab, un-check where it shows 'watch top games', then click on the orange save settings button

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    Thanks for that Kohai, I looked in those settings before making this thread and couldn't see it, but there it is clear as day. Thanks again!! Laughing

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