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I won and my ranking went down?

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    My ranking before playing jdcannon was 1229 (see bottom of the chart below).  When I won jdcannon, whose ranking was higher than mine, my ranking went down 17 points.  Is this a glitch in the system, a hack, or what?  Anyone else experience this?

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    Nope, your rating went up from 1218 to 1229.

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    Thanks Otomun.  I see my post wasn't as specific as it should have been.  If you look at the FIRST game (of four games) I played against jdcannon, I won, and my ranking went down; when we started I was at 1229, and after I won, my ranking was 1212.

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    I think it's happened to me before as well. I don't recall if it was on this site or not though. It's definately weird.

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    Must be a bug...your rating should've been 1207 before playing against jdcannon.

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    Look at it now, because I see different numbers at those games in your archive.

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    1212, 1207, 1203, and now 1220 against salagio! Maybe that reflects CookieJ's current rating.

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    Ok, now I am confused, it changed again...

    Might want to mail the staff and link this topic, because this is weird indeed.

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    Thanks Otomun, Wilbert_78, and 9th Eagle.  My archive for some reason doesn't show the same as what Wilbert_78 sees, but I do think Wilbert_78's picture is more accurate of what should have (or did?) happen.  I did notice that my ranking (in my archive) before I played jdcannon has been changing a few times over the last few minutes.  I can almost hear the crazy GPS-like "recalculating".  Oh well, whether there's a bug or not, Chess.com has been awesome and this is the first glitch I've seen like this, so I guess I was just a little surprised. 

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    Wilbert_78.  Yes, indeed!  I went a little crazy each time I refreshed the archive view myself.  I tried the link to "Contact Support" and it only gave me a "search" option--- nobody to contact.  Maybe it's because I'm not a paid member.  I don't know, but I'll keep looking.  Thanks everyone for your comments.

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    No problem. Try opening a topic in this sub-forum: http://www.chess.com/forum/category/help-support


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