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Reset clock at midnight for live tournaments

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    I'm not sure if this is covered somewhere already, I couldn't find it sorry. But I just paid for gold membership so that I could play more live tournaments as I was enjoying them. I played last night around 7pm and it is now 12:30pm the next day. I am not allowed to join a tournament as I can only play 2 per day. Clearly today is not yesterday when I last played, but I still can't join. I am assuming that either:

    1) The clock is set in England/USA or somewhere else that I don't live and so tomorrow in another country is not tomorrow here.

    2) You can only play once per 24 hour period.


    Could it be possible that the clock just resets at midnight in your own timezone so that you can play 2 tournaments per day at the time of day of your choosing? eg. play at night one day and play in the morning the next day, but you won't be able to play again until midnight. I don't think this is unreasonable, but I don't know anything about coding such things into a website.

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    So you could keep changing your timezone to work the system. Best to keep it at a 24 hour day.

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    No, I don't mean for people to keep changing their timezone, surely an abuse like that would easily be picked up by the system.

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    I know you don't mean for that to be the result, but you've got to think about such things.


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