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    If the bd fills up the entire monitor you're not going to see anything else inc the draw and resign buttons etc. You can change the screen resolution but again you can't enlarge everything and still see it all after a certain point. I know because I've checked out different resolutions and it's a real drag when the PC is in "safe mode" with some suckass 800x600 resolution that literally doesn't display buttons and stuff that are absolutely necessary to access in different programs.

    If you're using Windows there are OS options for the visually impaired but I never used 'em and don't know if they will help or not, but you can try them. Windows has a "magnifier" feature your cursor turns into a magnifying glass (in effect) and my MS mouse also has this feature, maybe your mouse does too.

    You can also contact the staff directly via Help & Support at the bottom of the page maybe they know something useful for you.

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