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Seeking 30 min + games / slower players

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    I realize most on here play fast games, I see lots of 1 min to 10 min game seeks in live chess... and I think a 1 minute game is barely a ''game'' but to each their own (please before anyone begins... spare me the ''don't need as much time'' or bragging / condescending comments.)

    I'll get to the point of this post... I enjoy 30 min + games, 30 mins to sometimes even a good 60 min game is a good pace for me. Sometimes I have to wait a while before I find anyone on live chess that prefers the longer time games that I like... so I'm always looking for more friends or challenges.

    I realize a longer slower paced chess game isn't everyone's cup of tea... but to those that are interested in more slower paced live games, feel free to look for me in live chess, add me as a friend, or send me a message about meeting up for game.

    Also, even though I like a slower paced game... I like a slower paced ''live'' game. I don't really enjoy the 3 day games... I'm well aware of those, but that is a pace that is too slow for me. I welcome those that seek a 30 min to 60 min game. Look for me, add me, or message me.

    Respectful and patient players only. Thanks.

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    I like 30 minute live games.  Friend me and we can play sometime.

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    Would it be possible to compile a roster of us who like the slow games?

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    It's easier to get a slow game on ICC than here, so you might consider getting an account there if you're more interested in slow time controls.

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    @satxusa, I saw your friend request, sounds good, you're added. We can play sometime.

    @alekhine, send me a friend request, or I'll send you one and we can play sometime. Regarding your group name if you make a group... may I suggest the name ''patient players'' or ''patient chess'' rather than ''slow chess''? Sure, the meaning is the same although I like the ring of ''patient'' compared to ''slow''... that's my 2 cents, but it would be your group so do as you wish.

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    I preffer games that mimic OTB tournament experience, but do not like the interface for "live" chess on chess.com.  I  love to play with a site that uses a client interface.

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    I'm not doing so well at the 15|10 level. I've been meaning to try the 30 minute time control but am afraid of running into one of these timeout yobbos you always hear being pilloried on the forums. I'll send you a req.

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    I enjoy a Game of around 30|0 because if I ever need, the time to calculate it is there, I try to use some time everymove sometimes, I forget the time controls though

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    someone tell me how to even set up a 30 min game with a friend, I can't figure out how to set it up.  All the challenge options are either 1 day moves or longer.  I need to play 30 min games to help my OTB preparation.  

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    Dark_N_Stormy_Knight wrote:

    someone tell me how to even set up a 30 min game with a friend, I can't figure out how to set it up.  All the challenge options are either 1 day moves or longer.  I need to play 30 min games to help my OTB preparation.  

    1 day plus is for Online Chess challenges

    For a 30 min game, go to play Live Chess and set the timer accordingly


    Btw, i enjoy 30+min games, too :)

    (but shorter, 15+min games also)

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    I'd definitely be keen for a longer game at some point too. I normally play the online chess rather than live as I'm increadibly bad at games where there isn't enough time to think properly - I'd given up on live chess somewhat because as I've never bothered to wait around long enough to for a 30 minute + game.

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    Apparently, it is rather tedious to play a friend.  You both have to be in the "Live Game" mode by clicking Play Live Chess, click on the friends tab bottom right, find your friend and challenge to a game.  So this requires a message from one or other to set up a time to be in the "Live Game" mode and you have to be friends of course.  I've never seen one of my friends there when I was in the Live Game.

     I play about 1550 level chess so anybody want to set one up, message me.  I'd rather play someone I know over and over rather than a draw from a hat.   

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    Here's my blog on playing slow chess on Chess.com:


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    Love the blog Sirlvanhoe. 

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    thats great, i like playing chess slow too. at the moment im not in the mental state to play because i even miss 1 movers, but if im back up again that would be an interesting idea.

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    Playing 30 minutes games or longer over the board is fun but it's boring online.

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    Why not set up your real board?

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    It's always up :) I play both over the board chess and chess.com chess Though I like otb chess more.

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    I don't think I have time for this in the summer but in the winter I will set up my board and simply transfer the moves.  What does this work out to in time per day?  Anybody know?

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    @Dark_N_Stormy_Knight - I know of 2 ways to calculate that are used. One is to assume that an average game takes, say 40 moves. Multiply the increment times the number of moves, convert to minutes, add the original time control, and multiply by 2 players. So, for G/45+45 you will get an answer of 2.625 hours. My own experience is that a game like this often lasts 2-3 hours. The USCF uses a different, and easy to calculate, formula which it has applied to blitz time controls for comparison. Just take the time control and the increment and add them together (times 2 players)! Mathematically, this is the same as assuming 60 moves in a game. In this case, your answer is then 3 hours for G/45+45.

    About your comments about using a real board, I always use a real board when playing slow chess online. I like that very much and would recommend that to anyone. In many ways it gives the feel of playing OTB. I often enter my moves using an iPod Touch and it's almost like sitting there OTB with something like a Mon Roi in hand. As long as you don't move the pieces to analyze or otherwise break the usual rules, this is prefectly ok. Many, myself included, believe there is a difference in visualizing while using 2D boards v 3D boards and this keeps you sharp with a real board.

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