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    Why does the seeking ads disappear after around 20-30 secs?

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    Since there is no answer, I try to explain exactly what I mean. If I want to seek a match, in my case 40 min game, the seeking ad is seen like a little dot in the graph, but if no one accepts my seeking ad, it will disappear after around 30 sec. Then I have to cancel the seek, and seek again. Yesterday I had to do this procedure ten times until anyone accepted. I really don´t know why the seeking ads disappear from the graph after a certain time??? The most natural would be that the seeking ad is there until anyone accepts. (Like in every other chess server.)

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    Is this happening all the time? Are you just creating the one seek at a time or two or three of them?

    Is it possible the dots are slightly under someone elses?

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    JamesColeman wrote:

    @Bortvill - Yes, this is fairly normal - the orange seek dot does disappear after some time. But I've learnt that so long as it still says "matching" under the orange start game button, there's nothing to worry about, you don't need to cancel your seek even if you can't see the dot, others can. You can usually also see your outgoing seek in the games/seeks tabs.

    I have actually invested that, and the answer is that you are in fact wrong. The dot disappear also for other players. I have a friend that also is a registered user. So we tested with our computers side by side, and obviously, after around half a minute, the dot disappered on his screen too. I also thought that it was like you said. But a few weeks ago, I started a seek for a 40 min game. I forgot my seek, went out, and 2,5 ours later I came back. Nobody had accepted my seek, it was still seeking.... Then I understood for sure that my seeking ad actually disappeared also on the other players screens, not only my own. 

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    I don't have an answer as to why this happens, but I can for my part also confirm that it does happen.

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    Problem for me is that I don't have enough info to go on in order to replicate it. Its something I've heard happen but rarely and no-one was able to give me enough detail to investigate it.

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    It happens to me regularily -- no matter whether I seek 5 2 or 15 0 any custom time control seems to do it.

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    CoyoteLoco wrote:

    It happens to me regularily -- no matter whether I seek 5 2 or 15 0 any custom time control seems to do it.

    Once you've created a seek, do you click on anything else at all? Play any other live games? change any settings? create any other seeks?

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    No, Kohai - it's really usual... 

    you ask for a seek, press nothing, do nothing, relax back in your chair or grab a beer. Some 30 seconds later, and voila! It's a goner!

    Better do something about it, now that you mention it, as I also find myself either cancelling and re-creating, or just clicking someone available and playing him (even if I'm 400 points higher than him). Just imagine the embarrassment when I lose!

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    Rating points are just a conspiracy against people who don't know the right guys... in actual fact a 2000 player is absolutely not stronger than anybody rated in the 1500s. 1500s are very decent players and should feel no inferiority at all! We just try to avoid playing you guys, so that we don't get exposed.

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    Of course sometimes 1500s do lose to us - but it's just because they didn't have enough time to think things over, or just didn't see a 'superficial' tactic but were winning all the time because they really understand the game better... we just tend to get lucky, like that, without any reason really...

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    20 - 30 seconds only?

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    Kohai so it seems...

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    kohai wrote:

    20 - 30 seconds only?

    Just test to do a seek. (Seek some very long time controll, like 60 min) What happens to the red dot of your seek? Probably after around 30 secs it will disappear.

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    Still the same problem =(

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    I see the issue. We'll investigate. Thank you!

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    Still the same problem, the seeking dots disappear...

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