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    Where do i find a schedule of upcoming tournament? i mean like 3 days in advance

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    Also if i were to play a 5/0 blitz tournament if I took first place on average how  long would that take? I probably would take first of course but you never know!

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    you can find it here man :http://www.chess.com/tournaments/

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    isn't that turn-based games?

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    Look at the "Tournaments" tab in Live Chess. It shows the nearest upcoming tournaments.

    Each type of tournament has a constant hourly schedule, so if you see a 5|0 upcoming in 20 minutes the next will be 1hr 20mins, 2hr 20mins and so on

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    You can also 'watch' existing live tournaments (I think us free members only get to enter one live tournament/day, = merely 365/year or 3,650/decade, so as a free member you'll not reach 4,000 first place tourney prizes within a decade). 


    A typical 5/0 tourney has seven rounds.  At most, that means 10 minutes/round x 7 = 70 minutes.  But typically, the tourney lasts more like 40-50 minutes.


    While there's no 3 day advance schedule of live tourneys (that I'm aware of, possibly there's mention somewhere buried elsewhere in the forums), they seem to run at the same times each day (so, take note of those and see if they're the same 3 days later).  If you or someone else does that, how about posting that summary here?


    ps.  I've tried uploading an image of a screenprint showing the current offerings but am unable to do so.  My album shows it though:



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