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Who is fair?

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    I get the connection through an internet key it is not a stable one and several time disconnected during the game. I do not do it on purpose and due to that I have lost several times and now banned. Please advice? Thanks

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    WTF is an internet key? Try contacting the staff directly via Help & Support is the only thing I can suggest, other than getting a better ISP if you can afford to

  • #3

    Chess.com should monitor better it is clear that I suffer for a bad connection and do not like they treat me as un unfair member

  • #4

    chess.com should deal w/ your bad connection ?? As u do what ? Whats next? A replay of your lost games ...

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    Let's make it happen!

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    Sigh....You guys are missing the point.   Lost connections degrade the playing experience for your opponents.  It doesn't matter whether you do it deliberately or not.  If you have bad internet service, then switch to "online" chess (correspondence).  Problem solved.

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    Chess.com has to be pleased to be the most familiar worldwide chess game but for the same reason they should consider in their policy that the not stable connections in the world are much more than the stable ones

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    Let's make it happen!

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    Are you using this thing?

    If so, no wonder you get disconnected often. Switch to a local WiFi hotspot.

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    ^You're right about that.  I live several thousand miles away.  I really truly do empathize with those of you with bad connections, but the best of intentions.  Can you empathize with your frustrated opponents who have to deal with aborted games through no fault of their own?

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    Let's make it happen!


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