Is 13.Nd5 OK? If so why so? If not, why not?

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    The position after 13.Nd5 actually tests your 6th sense---------- in Chess Tactics that is.  (13.Nd5 loses to 13...Be6 threatening 14...Bxd5 and 15...Nxf4 as well as 14...Nxf4 and 15...Bxe5)                                                                                                          
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    Uhh, neither... i'm in favor of Nxg4?

    edit: I thought they'd lose material due to theme of removing the defender, didn't fully calculate it though.

    Nd5 is better. Be3 just loses a piece

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    13.Nd5 loses a piece.  How and why 13.Nd5 loses a piece is the question in this puzzle.

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    Let's make it happen!

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    I'm not sure how the bishop-move alternatives to 13. Nd5 are good for white either:

    13. Be3 Bxe5 seems to hang a piece.

    13. Bg3 Nxg3 14. Nxg4 Nxh1 also seems to lose an exchange.

    I'd rather 13. Nxg4 Nxg4 14. 0-0 and there doesn't seem to be danger from 14...Nxd3 15. Qxd3.

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