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2-Movers Collection - Puzzle 28

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    Hello everyone. I know it is to early for a 3-mover but i made one and I can't wait to post it, so here it is.

    Everybody, leave a comment please if you like Cool. Thank you.

                                 White mates in 3



















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    Red = Normal puzzle

    Pink = Pink Panther Powerful

    Black = Special Mate in 3

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    Thanks for participating but, black can defend with: 1.Qxf6 Ne7 2.exf7 Kb7!!.

    Give it another try if you want.

    ~~ Adriandmen ~~

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    Hello Adriandmen, I want to solve your chess problems.Cool

    1. Qd4! Kb7 (1...Nf7 2. Rxb6 cxb6 3. Qd7#) 2. Qd8 followed by 3. Qb8#.

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    Congratulations Asorski, on solving your first problem Laughing. 1.Qd4 is the answer:


    Great job Asorski Cool


    Stay tuned for more puzzles. Puzzle 29 is coming up soon!!

    ~~ Adriandmen ~~

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    But I think you don't need to put pawns on a5, f5 and c2.

    Pawns on d2 and e6 is important, d2 prevents 1. Qd1! and e6-pawn supports d7.

    I am wondering why you put those pawns...Innocent

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    Hmmm... I think that was my unconscious mind Tongue Out.

    I don't really know why I put those pawns. But thanks for the tip

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    The a5-pawn is necessary:


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