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2-Movers Collection - Puzzle 94

  • #1

    Hello everyone,

    Here is my 94th problem. Good luck!:

                              White mates in 2

  • #2

    Well, using the zugzwang theme, black has only 3 legal moves if white were to, say, pass (which I know is impossible). Qc4, Qxc3, and d5. The 2 queen moves lose to an instant mate in 1, but d5 doesn't. So I have to make a situation where d5 loses.

    Oh! Re3, and if d5, Re6 mate!

  • #3

    Congratulations JMB20101.Re3! puts black into zugzwang!! This puzzle isn't very hard, is it?. Awesome job!! Laughing.

    The variations:

    • 1...Qc4 2.Rxc4#
    • 1...Qxc3+ 2.Rxc3#
    • 1...d5 2.Re6#

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